Please do assist our SPECIAL/BLESSED CHILDREN whole heartedly by your valuable suggestions/ Visits / Financial help.

You can extend your help by adopting a special child ; by bearing his/ her medical expenses; by giving time of your precious life; by donating small part of your hard- earning or by the way you feel appropriate. You can remit money through DD/ Cheque drawn in favor of Ashhraya, a/c No.31270100001162 or through NEFT/RTGS

‘ASHHRAYA’ A/C 31270100001162, BANK OF BARODA, Branch at Una (H.P.), IFSC Code: BARB O UNAXX


  1. What is Ashhraya?
    A shelter home cum resource centre to mitigate the sufferings of persons with disability, orphanage, unclaimed, missing, destitute, neglected, old aged;A rescue home, asylum for child labor, domestic violence or victims of any Human Rights violations or natural calamity or disaster;A place for up-liftment of humane members of socio-economically weaker or deprived section of human society.This is a welfare project under Human Rights Protection Cell & Welfare Association (HRPC & WA), Una (H.P.)

    1. Registered under the provisions of the Societies Registration Act, 1860 (Regn. No 002/2006),
    2. Registered and updated complying the provisions of H.P. Societies Registration Act, 2006 ,
    3. Registered under Person with Disability Act, 1995,
    4. Registered under the protection of Woman from Domestic Violence Act, 2005 as ‘Service Provider’,
    5. Registered with National Trust under the provisions of National Trust Act, .vide Regn. No. 050317191956005/MR/CP/AUTISM/MD Dated 21.3.12.
  2. Since when it is functioning & where it is situated?
    Ashhraya is functioning since May, 2010. At present, Ashhraya runs a Special School cum a Day Care Centre for Children with special Needs (CWSNs). It is duly recognized by H.P. Board of School Education, Dharamshala.Ashhraya is situated at Sadyana Tobba, VPO Dehlan (lower), District Una (H.P.)-174306Contact:   01975-208888, 098052-31700e-mail:ashhraya@gmail.com
  3. Who manages the affairs of Ashhraya?
    The affairs of Ashhraya are managed by two distinct bodies constituted exclusively for ‘Ashhraya’ in accordance with the registered bye-laws of the society i.e. Human Rights Protection .Cell & Welfare Association.:

    • SAMRAKSHAKA MANDAL: A Team of experts having vision and wisdom to see viability of the project and looks after Resource & Financial Management of the institution.
    • SWAMI VIVEKANANDA SEWA SAMITI: A body of representatives from different groups such as parent association, special educator, social activist, village Panchayat etc. as per registered bye-laws of the society to manage day-to-day affairs of ‘Ashhraya’
  4. What are the activities of ‘Ashhraya’?
    In the session 2012-13, the number of Children with Special Needs enrolled is 31, provided free education, therapy, refreshment, lunch, etc. and there are ten more identified CWSNs who are in waiting list for non-availability of transport facility.* The supply (free-sewa) of dry ration is being provided by ‘Sri Gurudwara Sahib’, Dehlan through Baba Dalhit Singh ji Maharaj.
  5. Whether Special Children are educated by special educators?
    Yes, duly qualified special educators, specialists such as physiotherapist, psychologist and other medical experts are rendering their volunteer-based service regularly for the noble cause after becoming constituents of the team of ‘Sewavarti’ in Ashhraya.*For details, you may click ‘A day in school’
  6. How one can visit Ashhraya?
    Ashhraya is located in District Una of ‘Dev Bhumi’ Himachal Pradesh, at Sadyana Tobba, Village Dehlan (lower). One can reach by bus or rail at Nangal Dam or at Mehatpur/ Rai-Mehatpur (name of the railway station) or at Una. Then, the village Dehlan is 8 kms away from Nangal Dam, 2 kms away from Mehatpur and 10 kms from Una. From this village, there exists a ‘Dehlan-Badehar link road which can be followed and the distance is 1.6 kms from the Dehlan Sri Gurudwara Sahib bus stop. It is 20 minutes walk from that stop.
  7. The likely expenditure to run day-to-day activities at Ashhraya and how it being arranged?
    Rs.60, 000 to 70,000 on average per month is incurred to run day to day activities. The main source of funds is the contribution of constituents and donations from kind-hearted, noble donors.
  8. How one can assist Ashhraya?
    Swami Ramkrishan Paramhans once said to Swami Vivekananda, before adopting Guru, one should watch his activities day and night, morning and evening, 24 hours a day and if you are convinced then devote yourself by following him (his guidelines) without raising any suspicion or question of shaken belief.We request, in case you are prepared to join a team of Ashhraya and committed to make realise the dream of ‘ASHHRAYA’; please come and visit ‘Ashhraya’ facility once and in case it is not possible, then enquire about us through your friends / relatives or from concerned public offices/Govt authorities…visit us on us at ashhraya.comPlease join with us to this noble cause whole-heartedly by your valuable suggestions/ visits/ pecuniary assistance/ adopting a child by bearing his expenses partly or fully.You can remit money through NEFT/ RTGS or DD/ Cheque drawn on ‘ASHHRAYA’ a/c No.31270100001162, Bank of Baroda, Branch at Una (H.P.) IFSC Code BARB O UNAXX;Or A/c No. 65113793588, State Bank Of Patiala, Branch at Mehatpur (H.P.)IFSC Code STBP0000243.Note: – Donations are exempted under Section 80 (G) of Income Tax Act, 1961 vide letter No. ………………….issued by C.I.T. Shimla
    You may click balance sheets for financial date for the last three years to see how a small tiny seed is growing to become a big tree of shelter for human family.
  9. Does Ashhraya have any roadmap to travel the untravelled road?
    Yes, Ashhraya has vision 2015 and vision 2020.

    1. Vision 2015:
      • Physiotherapy centre for CWSNs as well as general public.
      • Publication of programe for each CWSN or person in Need, if enrolled for the free service in Ashhraya.
      • Making available progress report of Ashhraya to all.
      • To increase the No. of Class-rooms to 12(presently 5)
      • New administration Block
      • Extension of service to 50 Children with Special Needs.
      • Hostel facility/ Shelter (24 Hrs service) for 30 in need.
    2. Vision- 2020:
      • Shelter home for old aged / widows/ destitute/ orphans/ unclaimed.
      • Free medical aid to needy persons.
      • Enrolment of 200 CWSNs.
      • Hostel facilities for 100 inhabitants.
      • Implementations of International Standards of Teaching & Learning.




Swami Vivekananda Seva Samiti w.e.f. April, 2012


Name Address/Contact No. Designation      Origin
1. Pt. Girdhari Lal VPO Dehlan,

Cont.: 98165-47884

Samiti-Pramukh Contributor
2. Baba Daljeet SinghJi Maharaj Srigurudwara Sahib,

Cont.: 98057-28006

Saha-Samiti-Pramukh Contributor
3. Sh. Krishanpal Sood VPO Basdehra,

Cont.: 98821-43489

Sachiva HRPC & WA
4. Kr. Bindu Rattan VPO Malahat, Una. Saha-sachiva Special educator
5. Smt. Rama Kumari VPO. Dehlan,

Cont.: 98162-43767

Samyojka Pradhan, Gram-panchayat
6. Dr.Komal Malik(Surgeon) Shivalik Colony,

Cont.: 98160-46778

Member Medical field
7. Smt. Sunita Sharma VPO Dayapur,(Pb.),

Cont.: 01887- 272120

Member Mother(Nishi Sharma)Blessed child
8. Smt. Manju Bala VPO Dehlan,

Cont.: O1975- 233671

Member Mother(Keshav Kausal)Blessed child
9. Adv. Suresh Kumar VPO Dehlan,

Cont.: 01975-230500

Nirdeshka Legal field


Om             ASHHRAYA                 Ph.: 01975-208888    Mob.: 098052-31700

Special School cum Day Care Centre for Children with Special Needs

A Welfare Project


Human Rights Protection Cell &Welfare Association

Registered under the provisions of Persons with Disabilities Act, 1995

Registered as Service Provider by the Government of Himachal Pradesh u/PWDV Act, 2005


Income Tax Relief Under 80-G (5) (VI) (43 of 1961) vide Commissioner of Tax Shimla


Head Office: “ASHHRAYA”                                                   Branch Office: ‘Manavidhikar’

Sadyana Tobba, Dehlan ,                                                                  District Courts Campus,

District Una (H.P.)                                                                              Una (H.P.)                                                                                             Pin-174306                                                                                          Pin-174303


Ref No. :……………….                                                                                 Date: …………………….



Special School cum Day Care Centre for Children With Special Needs “ASHHRAYA”, Sadyana Tobba, Dehlan, District Una (H.P.) needs volunteers for the following services:-

Type of Service Reqd. Regular/Part time Reqd. Qualification
1 Spl. Educator(2 for MR, 1 for HI) 3 Regular B.Ed. (spl) or DSE*RCI registration
2 TGT Science 1 Regular M.Sc M.Sc/B.Sc, B.Ed.
3 TGT Arts 1 Regular M M M.A./B.A., B.Ed.
4 Drawing Teacher 1 Regular Dip. (Recognized)
5 Sanskrit Teacher 1 Regular Shastri
6 Phy. Edu. Teacher 1 Regular B.P.Ed.
7 Embroidery Teacher 1 Part time Dip. (Recognized)
8 Musician 1 Part time Dip. (Recognized)
9 Computer Operator 1 Part time Dip. (Recognized)
10 Hygiene Supervisor 1 Part time Matric, Exp.in field.
11 Cook (Mother) 1 Part time Matric, Exp.in field.
12 Office-Assistant 1 Regular Matric, Exp.in field.
13 Co-Teacher 1 Regular Nursing
14 Driver 1 Regular Valid Driving License
15 Physiotherapist 1 Part time B.P.T.
16 Occupational Ther. 1 Part time B.O.T.
17 Psychologist 1 Part time Doctorate
18 Dietician 1 Part time Valid Certificate/MB.B.S.
19 Nature cure & Yoga Therapist 1 Part time Degree/Dip in Nature cure, Yoga Therapy
20 Eco. Friendly 1 Part time Specialization in field
21 Gardener 1 Regular Exp.>5 years


*RCI registration2TGT Science1RegularM.Sc M.Sc/B.Sc, B.Ed.3TGT Arts1RegularM M M.A./B.A., B.Ed.4Drawing Teacher1RegularDip. (Recognized)5Sanskrit Teacher1RegularShastri6Phy. Edu. Teacher1RegularB.P.Ed.7Embroidery Teacher1Part timeDip. (Recognized)8Musician1Part timeDip. (Recognized)9Computer Operator1Part timeDip. (Recognized)10Hygiene Supervisor1Part timeMatric, Exp.in field.11Cook (Mother)1Part timeMatric, Exp.in field.12Office-Assistant1RegularMatric, Exp.in field.13Co-Teacher1RegularNursing14Driver1RegularValid Driving License15Physiotherapist1Part timeB.P.T.16Occupational Ther.1Part timeB.O.T.17Psychologist1Part timeDoctorate18Dietician1Part timeValid Certificate/MB.B.S.19Nature cure & Yoga Therapist1Part timeDegree/Dip in Nature cure, Yoga Therapy20Eco. Friendly1Part timeSpecialization in field21Gardener1RegularExp.>5 years


* The Village Gram Panchayat, Dehlan(L) through Pradhan has active role in the committee for giving priority to widows, IRDP’s, BPL or the families in need , also may recommend a list of Children of village Dehlan(L) in need of free service at ‘Ashhraya’ and relaxation for the needy one.


**All the volunteers approved by the committee are to undergo one week Special Training and assessment thereafter prior to getting on the assigned job.


*** Only those volunteers will be eligible for training that’ve been approved by the Samiti and have voluntarily signed the Consent Form including their Honorarium acceptance.


****All the volunteers must read, understand and then sign the terms & conditions i.e. Sevavritti-Form, Consent Form. If any condition the volunteer intends to place before the Ashhraya-Samiti , he/she must write specifically at the bottom of the page of the respective Form.


***** ‘Ashhraya’ is a pious place for giving shape to sacred and noble ideas as Swami Vivekananda quote “a journey from animal man to divine man”. Let us maintain sanctum sanatorium.


“Quality & Discipline are paramount”